Who We Are

1Since 2010, we have designed and delivered music programmes that have supported children and adults from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Cameroon, Sudan, Guinea, and Central African Republic. Our teams consist of musicians, health professionals, and professional workshop leaders. Together, their work has helped restore the mental health and well-being of traumatised displaced people across the UK, and has increased their participation and visibility in their new communities.

3 WORD HEADLINEOur method of working with music to reach conflict-affected individuals and communities has been applied overseas, through training programmes in Palestine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Northern Ireland and Georgia, delivered in partnership with Musicians without Borders.  In early 2015, following 5 years working under the banner of Musicians without Borders, we established ourselves as an independent organisation. We plan to expand our work to deliver a range of music programmes in the UK and internationally, focusing on reducing trauma, connecting divided communities and raising awareness of human rights abuses.