Everyday People

The experiences of young separated refugees, including experiences of violence, loss and bereavement, extreme poverty and deprivation, and the absence of supportive relationships, cause great difficulties adjusting to a completely different life in the UK.

Music Action International have created “Everyday People” an amazing new ensemble for young people, partnering up with Brighter Sound. Working with our international team of creative facilitators, young people explore, create and play music from their own homelands, sharing language, music styles and approaches they love, to collaborate and produce something totally unique.

Everyday People provides a unique opportunity for young refugees who have been separated from their family to become friends with local young musicians, creating great new music together with an important message. Regular music activity provides relief from the stresses caused by their traumatic experiences, and encourages friendships with other young people.  Everyone is welcome, regardless of musical experience or level of spoken English.

The name of the group was chosen by young people themselves: “We are Different, We are the Same. We are all Everyday People.” The original song is by Sly and the Family Stone and is one of Sly Stone’s pleas for peace and equality between differing races and social groups, a major theme and focus for the band, which was the first major integrated band in rock history. Sly & the Family Stone’s message was about peace and equality through music, and this song reflects the same.