Thanks for helping us reach our Harmonise Crowdfunder target: here is what happens next!

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to our Harmonise Crowdfunder. Over 70 people donated to our campaign and helped us raise a massive £10,097.50!

Thanks to your generous support, Music Action International can expand Harmonise to new schools this year. We have already had requests from teachers who want us to deliver Harmonise because of growing tensions between pupils and parents of different backgrounds. Music and celebration is an incredibly effective way of dispersing tensions, creating positive experiences together and a sense of shared community.

I learned that war in different places can be quite different. When people were experiencing war it was really scary for them and when they come over here and tell us their story, it is really moving. It’s a different experience for those who haven’t experienced war.

[Helen, Age 8, Harmonise]

Performances of the music created will take place in schools and in community venues throughout the year. We will be bringing some of these young people together to perform at the Royal Festival Hall for Refugee Week on 23 June 2017.

More children should be part of this, so they can learn things and see everything that is different.

[Jo, Age 9, Harmonise]

We can now also develop and launch our national online schools pack. It will include many songs and multiple teaching tools to educate children, teachers and parents about refugees through music.

The comprehensive online resource will include:

  • Lyrics and translation in many different languages;
  • Description and historical narrative surrounding the refugee artist who wrote the song;
  • Lead sheets including chords in different keys with melody line;
  • Audio and visual footage of performances and how physical actions can be used;
  • Definitions of Refugee, Asylum Seeker, Migrant, Immigrant, Roma and Gypsy Traveller;
  • Teaching methods for sensitive topics.
  • Cross-curricular ways of exploring themes of culture and conflict

I was hoping the children would be informed about refugees but in fact they found out so much more. 

[Teacher, Harmonise]

Through Harmonise, refugee and local children make friends, have fun, learn new skills and share new languages together. They learn about who refugees really are from our inspiring professional musicians who are themselves refugees.

We can now make music with 1000s of refugee and local children in 2017. We could not have got here without your generous help.