Photo Gallery: Stone Flowers album launch, London, 5th June 2015

On Friday 5th June Stone Flowers played an album launch show at Amnesty International HQ in London. For the group it was a culmination of a 4-year journey: a celebration of their strength and an opportunity to tell the world their stories and share their hope. It was an incredible experience for both participants and the audience.

Stone Flowers_Marc Sethi_-4483StoneFlowers1_Marc Sethi_-4475StoneFlowers8_Marc Sethi_-4447StoneFlowers17_Marc Sethi_-4499StoneFlowers28_Marc Sethi_-4137StoneFlowers11_Marc Sethi_-4211StoneFlowers5_Marc Sethi_-4319StoneFlowers21_Marc Sethi_-3755StoneFlowers26_Marc Sethi_-3772StoneFlowers4_Marc Sethi_-4336StoneFlowers7_Marc Sethi_-4508StoneFlowers19_Marc Sethi_-3816StoneFlowers27_Marc Sethi_-3811

Huge thanks to everyone who attended the event and bought the album.

Photo credit: Marc Sethi