Meet Hassan: Iranian photographer and musician

Hassan Nezamian has worked with Music Action International for the past two years. He has been a photographer and musician for over twenty years.

He has taken beautiful photos of our Harmonise London programme, working with primary school children towards a performance at the Royal Festival Hall. Our intern, Joel Taylor, chats to him about music, photography and life.

What’s your story with music?

I have played a traditional Iranian instrument called the Santoor for about 23 years. I have spent many hours every week playing this instrument, and I teach this kind of traditional music to Iranians as well as hosting concerts in London.


What do you do with Music Action International?

_MG_8802I had a great opportunity to work with this fantastic team as a photographer when I shot two extraordinary events. Working with children was quite a big challenge as a photographer because usually, as a documentary photographer, I work with serious stories and contemporary issues.

However, MAI’s music, and being in a music environment, had such a big effect on my photography as well. I hope to get the opportunity to work with this fabulous team again. It was a fascinating experience that we had together.

How has music changed your life?

_MG_8794Music is a big part of my life. I am the same as anyone. I listen to music every day for hours and hours. Of course, because of my culture and the background I come from, I usually listen to Iranian traditional music which gives me peace of mind, relaxation and helps me throughout my day.

But what I can say about music in general, is that music is an international language for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you are from, it doesn’t matter what colour skin you have. If you play music or sing, singing is the free instrument of our human body, you’ve got a kind of common international language that helps you communicate with other people. That’s the magic of music.

What song brings you peace?

I really like the Iranian singer Peyman Soltani. His song, The Fourth Romantic, composed by Haamid Reza Nourbakhsh, always bring me peace.


Hassan’s photographs are featured in this blog. View more of his beautiful photographs at Music Action International’s new Instagram account.