Harmonise Resource for Teachers: Everyday People Song

We are proud to present a preview of our new Harmonise resource for working in schools, in partnership with Refugee Week and British Red Cross. The resource is most suitable for Key Stage 2 Pupils.

Our group Everyday People:LDN of teenage refugees and asylum seekers have created the song below especially for you to learn and perform this amazing song with your pupils.

The song is based on the song Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone, the first major multi-racial, mixed-gender band in rock history. The song is one of Sly Stone‘s pleas for peace and equality between differing races and social groups, a major theme and focus for both the band and for the young people we work with.

You can meet Everyday People:LDN in this short film here.


* Instructions for use in the classroom

* Lyrics

* Melody Sheet with Chords

* A recording of the full version of the song created for schools

* A backing track

* Short practice call and response recording sections

Everyday People Resource Pack PDF

Lyrics Everyday People

Everyday People Sheet Music

Everyday People:LDN

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You can read more about the success of Harmonise in schools here or email nick@musicaction.org

“An outstanding project which led to an increase in children’s happiness”    Dr Martyn Hudson, Newcastle University

We are currently creating an extensive resource for working in schools which will include many songs, games, creative ideas, video tutorials and information sheets. We would love to know what you think about the preview of our song resource. Let us know at nick@musicaction.org

For more information and stories about refugees for use in the classroom, visit the Red Cross