Gone On Tour: a remarkable tale of resilience, survival and hope

GONE is a truly unique show that will make you question what you thought you knew about refugees, and show the true resilience of the human spirit.

In a land far from here, the inhabitants of the great city of Home live a happy life, surrounded by fertile forests and bright rivers. But one day the sky darkens, and a cruel Storm shrouds the city. With a furious temper and a ravenous greed, the Storm destroys all they hold dear and takes all they have. Forced to leave Home, join us as we follow one family on their incredible journey across many bizarre and bewildering lands, risking their lives in search of safety.

Gone is a fictional fantasy told with beautiful puppetry, physical theatre and poetry, inspired by the true stories of refugee torture survivors Stone Flowers, interwoven with their vivid, atmospheric score. The show was written and developed in 2016 by Stone Flowers and Box Tale Soup, award-winning puppet theatre company. The production premiered at The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester to a sold-out audience.

It was absolutely brilliant, original, moving but ultimately uplifting

Audience member, Gone premiere

The UK tour kicked off in Macclesfield on 16 July and has received wonderful reviews. The show will continue to London, Manchester and Bath later in the year, before being taken on a wider UK tour through Box Tale Soup’s rural touring network in 2018-19. A remarkable tale of bravery in a fantastical world, Gone will take you on a journey of resilience, survival and hope.

Great – wonderful heartfelt humane story and lovely music

Audience member, Gone premiere

Tour Dates
  • Macclesfield: Sunday 16 July, 12.30pm, The Old Sunday School
  • London: Sunday 24 September, 5pm, Rich Mix
  • Bath: Thursday 7 December, 7.30pm, Mission Theatre