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Our new programme at the Syria Summer School

We were delighted to offer music sessions towards a performance for friends and family delivered by fantastic international musicians at the Syria Summer School in London. We made music with over 60 young refugees. Having fled war, they now face an unsettled future in the UK. Our programme enabled the young people to celebrate musical traditions of their homelands, create inspiring new music together and find ways to settle into their new home.

Stone Flowers: Alexander’s Story

Alexander fled Iran to seek safety in the UK but his struggles were far from over. Joining refugee torture survivor collective, Stone Flowers, changed the course of his life. Alexander helped write and develop unique theatre show Gone which features his poem, ‘The Memory.’ Find out more about his extraordinary journey and Gone.

Meet the Team: Bradley | Student Volunteer

Our amazing volunteer, Bradley, ran the Manchester 10k to raise money to support our work. “If I can make it all the way to 10K with a training plan consisting of beer and takeaways, you definitely can!” Find out more.

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